Our roads can be challenging and are shared with traffic. Be extremely careful riding your bicycle. There are some rugged roads, with potholes that you will have to navigate. Always OBEY ALL TRAFFIC LAWS and RULES OF THE ROAD. There are several roads where you will have to cross that are heavily traveled. There are three timed segments in the Gran Fondo and two in the Medio and they are on the SAFEST parts of the route. There is NO REASON to run stop signs or traffic lights to get ahead. SAFETY IS RULE NUMBER ONE!!


Yes, you need both of these in order to participate in any of the Ride for the Arts routes. Neither are optional. Both should be in reliable working order so you don’t pose a danger to yourself or others. All bicycles are allowed. Aero equipment is allowed. NO ELECTRIC OR MOTOR BICYCLES ARE ALLOWED.


Many of the roads you will ride are narrow, with no center line. They will be shared with vehicular traffic. Please ride to the right when in narrow sections. Official support vehicles will be travelling along the routes. None of the Gran Fondo roads are closed and there will be nonevent vehicles travelling with and against you.

Additionally, riding in the middle of the road absent motor vehicle traffic can still cause unsafe conditions for other, faster riders. Regardless of how fast you think you’re going, someone is pretty much always coming up behind you. Move over to the right as far as safety allows and let the faster cyclist(s) pass you by. It’s safer for them and it’s safer for you.


The event routes are along some of our county’s most remote roads. But keep in mind these are active roads and those who use these roads deserve your respect and courtesy. Residents along these routes are made aware of the event. Please be courteous to drivers and let them pass by moving to the right whenever it is reasonably safe to do so. And extend the same courtesy to faster riders.

If you are seen throwing garbage or trash, gel packs, inner tubes, or any other disposable items onto the ground, you could be fined for littering. In Florida, this fine for littering is as much as $200 per occurrence.


We will enforce all of these rules in order to ensure rider safety. There’s always a few people in any large group of cyclists who, for one reason or another, disobey the rules of the road. In a ride this big and challenging, there can be serious consequences to this sort of recklessness; some could even be fatal. Event marshals, motorcycles, and SAG staff will be looking out to offer the best and safest experience possible. They will also ensure that all of these rules are being followed. If these rules are broken, you will be disqualified and not permitted to return next year.


THIS IS NOT A POINT-TO-POINT RACE. The Gran Fondo is scored by the lowest amount of time over three timed segments. Any cheating; cutting the course, drafting a vehicle, swapping numbers, etc. will disqualify you and you will not be allowed to ever enter the Ride for the Arts event. The male and female with the lowest combined time for all 3 segments will be presented the KOM/QOM jersey.  Cash awards are for overall women’s and overall men’s Gran Fondo – Competitive riders ONLY and are broken out as follows:  First place – $175, Second place – $75, Third place – $50.  The cash prizes will be awarded by age group, which are broken out as follows: under 39, 40-49, and 50+ (this applies to both men and women).  All riders MUST complete the Gran Fondo course by 2:00 pm in order to have their times counted for the competition.


Teams are no more than five people. If you have more than five, then you need to form an additional team.  All teams MUST WEAR MATCHING JERSEYS.  Teams riding the competitive Gran Fondo distance will be eligible for cash prizes.  Cash prizes will be award to top male, top female, and top co-ed teams ($300 per team).  Co-ed teams must include at least 1 woman.  Team times will be taken by combining the 3 fastest individual times over the 3 measured segments (for the co-ed team winner, the top 3 times will include the times from at least 1 women rider).


The Medio rider times will be recorded and presented by the lowest amount of time over two timed segments. Medio riders are not eligible for any prizes.  Any cheating; cutting the course, drafting a vehicle, swapping numbers, etc. you will be disqualified and will not be allowed to enter future the Ride for the Arts event. All riders MUST complete the Medio course by 2:00 pm in order to have their times counted for the competition


All Gran Fondo, Medio and Piccolo finishers receive a “finishing” medal. Only the OVERALL WINNERS receive a winner’s jersey.


Ride for the Arts cannot offer refunds or deferrals to future event, for any of the routes,  We do however, allow transfers between two parties, starting in March and ending approximately one week prior to the Gran Fondo.


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