Our Mission

Founded in 2001, Marion Cultural Alliance’s (MCA) mission is to be the catalyst and advocate of increased cultural impact in the community, thereby enriching the lives of people through service to member organizations and the general public. MCA supports activities relating to the arts, fine arts, historical and scientific museums, and specific education through grants, advocacy, fundraising and partnerships. For more information about MCA, please visit their website at www.MCAOcala.com.


To assure that all residents of the community have opportunities for participation in cultural activities.


To represent an informed and united voice for culture in the community and to develop linkages with appropriate public and private agencies throughout the region.


To promote cultural education as part of our basic curriculum in schools K 12 and higher and to act as a catalyst for the development of such educational programs for all members of the community.


To develop future audiences through education – children and adults; to provide direction via an ongoing cultural marketing program in the community and to encourage marketing professionalism among member organizations.


To develop a support network and information system among all community cultural agencies, and to provide ongoing information to the general public about cultural activities.


To serve as the key leadership in advancing the implementation of cultural activities in the community.